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Add a little extra gift to go along with those Taffy Chews you are sending.
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  • Taffy Jars - Sugar Free

    Taffy Jars - Sugar Free

    Guilt Free Goodness A jar full of Dewar's gourmet Sugar Free Taffy Chews is about as sweet as it gets. (without sugar) We offer three great tasting Sugar Free Taffy flavors; Peanut Butter, Caramel and Peppermint. Better than any salt water taffy,...

    $87.00 - $157.00
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  • Dewar's Ice Cream Topping Kit

    Dewar's Ice Cream Topping Kit

    Four of our OFFICIAL DEWAR'S TOPPINGS all in one amazing Kit! Movie Night, Game Night, Weekend gatherings with Family and Friends... no matter the occasion, you'll be the hero when you serve up your own creations using Official Dewar's Toppings...

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  • Taffy Jars

    Taffy Jars

    The Perfect Gift Idea You don't have to have your own candy store to feel like you do. Our classic glass jars are durable and the perfect way to offer up delicious Dewar's Taffy to guests at a party, family over on the holidays or even customers at your...

    $75.00 - $131.00
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  • Proud American Caddy

    Proud American Caddy

    This "Proud to be an American" Keepsake Tin Caddy can be used for décor or many other things after the goodies are gone.   Wisdom Tin comes with:  12 oz of Dewar's Taffy Grandpa Jim's AWARD WINNING Honey...

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  • Leather Gift Basket

    Leather Gift Basket

    Sensible and extravagant! This Dewar's Leather Gift Basket is loaded with great gifts, not to mention the basket itself.  This item comes with: 8 oz of Dewar's Taffy Scented Candle Hand Sanitizer Hand and Body Lotion 2...

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  • Camping Gift Tin Bucket

    Camping Gift Tin Bucket

    These clever Tin Buckets can be used for multiple purposes (after you have enjoyed what's inside of course)   Together is Beautiful comes with:  1lb of Dewar's Taffy Miscellaneous Candy Filler The Medium Camping comes with: 2lbs...

    $42.99 - $79.99
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  • 30 oz Thermal Tumbler

    30 oz Thermal Tumbler

    A 30 oz, Stainless Steel, vacuum Insulated Thermal Tumbler. Rugged and functional, but the Dewar's logo let's others know your a sucker for Taffy and Ice Cream. It's kinda like wrapping your drink in a hug, only not a messy as a real hug would be...

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  • Dewar's Coffee Mug

    Dewar's Coffee Mug

    A variety of Dewar's Coffee Mugs to help get your day going. Each one comers with 6 oz of Dewar's Taffy. Enjoy!   

    $21.99 - $23.99
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  • 24 oz Thermal Tumbler

    24 oz Thermal Tumbler

    A Double Wall, Stainless Steel Thermal Tumbler. It's Vacuum Insulated and boasts a snap-fit threaded lid. Also includes a flexible, wide, silicone straw!  Keeps hot coffee hot and cold drinks cold. The coolest part is the slick looking, gloss black...

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  • 18 oz Thermal Tumbler

    18 oz Thermal Tumbler

    This 18 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler has a really cozy, Satin-like, Powder Coated Finish that provides Extra Grip, is smudge proof, durable and scratch resistant. It's super high quality... we just think it looks super cool!    

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  • 20 oz Tumbler

    20 oz Tumbler

    Chances are, you've seen this type of tumbler around. Vacuum Insulated. Keep the cool drinks cool and the warm drinks warm... but, did those tumblers sport your favorite candy store logo? (Probably not) Get a few for yourself or pass them out as gifts...

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