Gift Baskets - Mens

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Two awesome options for when you are not sure what to get a guy.


Men's Collection Basket includes:

- 12 OZ box of Dewar's Taffy
- Candy Filler
- Dewar's Insulated Cup
- Dewar's Camping Mug
- Montana Cowboy Hand Sanitizer
- Montana Cowboy Lotion
- Men's Soap


The Grillmaster Basket includes:

- 12 OZ box of Dewar's Taffy
- Candy Filler
- Dewar's Branded Pocket Knife
- Montana Cowboy Hand Sanitizer
- Montana Cowboy Lotion
- Dewar's Famous Honey Mustard
- Dewar's Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub
- Dewar's Butchers Blend BBQ Rub