Patriotic Mugs and Gift Sets! Perfect for Giving Thanks to those who serve or have served our country and even for your own BBQ gatherings.
Either way, we hope these will bring joy and smiles this Independence Day

THANK YOU so very much for thinking of us this year!

  • Stars & Stripes Gift Tin

    Stars & Stripes Gift Tin

    These Patriotic Stars & Stripes Gift Tins are just what the 4th of July BBQ ordered! The Medium Gift Tin comes with:  2 lbs of Dewar's Taffy Chews! and Misc Candy Filler The Large Gift Tin comes with: 3 lbs of Dewar's Taffy...

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  • Proud American Caddy

    Proud American Caddy

    This "Proud to be an American" Keepsake Tin Caddy can be used for décor or many other things after the goodies are gone.   Wisdom Tin comes with:  12 oz of Dewar's Taffy Grandpa Jim's AWARD WINNING Honey...

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  • Patriotic Tin - Galvanized

    Patriotic Tin - Galvanized

    This Galvanized Tin Gift Set has all kind of Dewar's goods (some specifically for a great cook-out) PLus, the Galvanized Tin Tub itself can be filled with ice for the drinks! This item comes with: 8 oz of Dewar's Taffy Grandpa Jim's Honey...

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  • Patriotic Travel Mugs

    Patriotic Travel Mugs

    Take it on the road. A Patriotic Travel Mug filled with a 1/4 pound of delicious Dewar's Taffy would make a great gift or a nice treat! Enjoy!  

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  • Patriotic Coffee Mugs

    Patriotic Coffee Mugs

    Some Patriotic Coffee Mugs to help celebrate Independence Day or simply enjoy your morning beverage with pride. Each one filled with delicious Dewar's Taffy just to make them even more special! (1/4 pound to 6 ounces of Taffy depending on the size of...

    $15.99 - $18.99
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  • Patriotic Gift Crate

    Patriotic Gift Crate

    These Dewar's Independence Day Gift Crates are just what the 4th of July BBQ ordered! Grandpa Jim's award winning Honey Mustard and Dewar's BBQ rubs are going to make your next cookout legendary. Plus you get to keep your BBQ goods in a patriotic...

    $39.99 - $49.99
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  • Independence Day Galvanized Tin Gift Set

    Independence Day Galvanized Tin Gift Set

    Celebrate Independence Day with a special Independence Day Galvanized Tin Gift Set. Packed with all kind of Dewar's goods (some specifically for a great cook-out), a few extra patriotic decorations to use for many 4th of July gathering to come, not...

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