Dewar's Candy Shop

  • Nuts, Caramels & Nougats

    Nuts, Caramels & Nougats

    If you love chewy chocolate covered candy then you will love Dewar's Nut's, Caramels & Nougats. Our Nut's, Caramels and Nougats are an assortment of plain caramels, walnut...

    $28.99 - $113.96
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  • Official Dewar's Toppings

    Official Dewar's Toppings

    Our toppings are part of what makes Dewar's special, especially our Marshmallow topping! Now you can have Official Dewar's Toppings sent to your door! Use it on Ice Cream or anything else you...

    $8.99 - $15.99
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  • Peanut Clusters

    Peanut Clusters

    In the mood for chocolate and peanuts? Dewar's Peanut Clusters are available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or an assortment of both. Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that...

    $28.99 - $113.96
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  • Small Smooth Bunny

    Small Smooth Bunny

    This little guy is made from Dewar's rich chocolate and is sure to delight the Easter Bunny himself! Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes PEANUTS/NUTS, MILK PRODUCTS and...

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  • Dewar's Taffy Chews

    Taffy Chews

    Enjoy the best taffy you will ever taste. Try our Peanut Butter filled taffy, the one that started it all back in 1909, or any of our other delicious taffy flavors and see why it has been a favorite...

    $7.49 - $102.45
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  • Dewar's Coffee Mug

    Dewar's Coffee Mug

    A variety of Dewar's Coffee Mugs to help get your day going. Each one comers with 6 oz of Dewar's Taffy. Enjoy!   

    $21.99 - $23.99
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  • Dewar's Coffee Mugs

    Dewar's Coffee Mugs

    You won't be showing off or anything, but you may be the coolest person drinking coffee. Each one comers with 6 oz of Dewar's Taffy. Enjoy!   

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  • Ice Cream Scooper

    Ice Cream Scooper

    A vintage inspired, Dewar's Branded Ice Cream Scooper. This item makes for a great gift idea and just so happens to do an amazing job of cutting into your favorite ice cream for a great big scoop of...

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  • Taffy Chews - Sugar Free

    Taffy Chews - Sugar Free

    We offer three great tasting Sugar Free Taffy flavors; Peanut Butter, Caramel and Peppermint. Better than any salt water taffy, Dewar's original taffy chews have been a world wide favorite for over...

    $9.49 - $127.45
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  • Taffy Jars

    Taffy Jars

    The Perfect Gift Idea You don't have to have your own candy store to feel like you do. Our classic glass jars are durable and the perfect way to offer up delicious Dewar's Taffy to guests at a...

    $75.00 - $131.00
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  • Taffy Jars - Sugar Free

    Taffy Jars - Sugar Free

    Guilt Free Goodness A jar full of Dewar's gourmet Sugar Free Taffy Chews is about as sweet as it gets. (without sugar) We offer three great tasting Sugar Free Taffy flavors; Peanut Butter, Caramel...

    $87.00 - $157.00
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