Far better than Salt Water taffy, Dewar's Taffy Chews are a luxury confection that has been featured in Food Magazine & on the Food Network. Generations of families have been enjoying our taffy candy for over 100 years and it is still made daily using only the freshest ingredients.

  • Dewar's Taffy Chews

    Taffy Chews

    Enjoy the best taffy you will ever taste. Try our Peanut Butter filled taffy, the one that started it all back in 1909, or any of our other delicious taffy flavors and see why it has been a favorite of families all over the world for...

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  • Taffy Chews - Sugar Free

    Taffy Chews - Sugar Free

    We offer three great tasting Sugar Free Taffy flavors; Peanut Butter, Caramel and Peppermint. Better than any salt water taffy, Dewar's original taffy chews have been a world wide favorite for over 100 years and our Sugar Free taffy chews are a delicious...

    $9.49 - $127.45
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  • Assorted Chews & Chocolates

    Assorted Chews & Chocolates

    Our wonderful selection of Assorted Chews and Chocolates come with both, light and dark chocolate, as well as a mix of our original taffy flavors All of our Taffy Chews are Gluten Free Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes...

    $27.49 - $109.96
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  • Taffy Jars

    Taffy Jars

    The Perfect Gift Idea You don't have to have your own candy store to feel like you do. Our classic glass jars are durable and the perfect way to offer up delicious Dewar's Taffy to guests at a party, family over on the holidays or even customers at your...

    $75.00 - $131.00
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  • 12oz PB PROMO

    12oz PB PROMO

    While Supplies Last! Holiday Surplus Sale! Buy 2 of these 12oz box of Peanut Butter taffy chews and get 1 FREE! Enjoy! 6.2.5

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  • Cupids Challenge Taffy Chews

    Cupids Challenge Taffy Chews

    Please join Dewar's Candy Shop in supporting a great cause by purchasing this 1lb box of Taffy Chews for the Cupid's Challenge fundraiser. Proceeds benefit the Mendiburu Magic Foundation. Mendiburu Magic Foundation responds to the unmet needs of...

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  • Family Pack

    Family Pack

    SEASONAL: This traditional holiday favorite is only available in December.  Purchase a Three or Four pound box of heavenly delight. Our famous Family Pack is a sampling of our most popular treats. The Family Pack contains light and dark...

    $82.47 - $109.96
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  • Taffy Jars - Sugar Free

    Taffy Jars - Sugar Free

    Guilt Free Goodness A jar full of Dewar's gourmet Sugar Free Taffy Chews is about as sweet as it gets. (without sugar) We offer three great tasting Sugar Free Taffy flavors; Peanut Butter, Caramel and Peppermint. Better than any salt water taffy,...

    $87.00 - $157.00
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