Dewar's Tumblers

Grab some cool Dewar's "liquid holders" for yourself, future guests, or as a gift for someone in need of a little love!

  • 30 oz Thermal Tumbler

    30 oz Thermal Tumbler

    A 30 oz, Stainless Steel, vacuum Insulated Thermal Tumbler. Rugged and functional, but the Dewar's logo let's others know your a sucker for Taffy and Ice Cream. It's kinda like wrapping your drink in a hug, only not a messy as a real hug would be...

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  • 24 oz Thermal Tumbler

    24 oz Thermal Tumbler

    A Double Wall, Stainless Steel Thermal Tumbler. It's Vacuum Insulated and boasts a snap-fit threaded lid. Also includes a flexible, wide, silicone straw!  Keeps hot coffee hot and cold drinks cold. The coolest part is the slick looking, gloss black...

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  • 18 oz Thermal Tumbler

    18 oz Thermal Tumbler

    This 18 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler has a really cozy, Satin-like, Powder Coated Finish that provides Extra Grip, is smudge proof, durable and scratch resistant. It's super high quality... we just think it looks super cool!    

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  • 20 oz Tumbler

    20 oz Tumbler

    Chances are, you've seen this type of tumbler around. Vacuum Insulated. Keep the cool drinks cool and the warm drinks warm... but, did those tumblers sport your favorite candy store logo? (Probably not) Get a few for yourself or pass them out as gifts...

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  • 12 oz Wine Tumbler

    12 oz Wine Tumbler

    Around the house or the poolside, these 12 oz Thermal Wine Tumblers are Vacuum Insulated and ready for your enjoyment. They also make great gifts!    

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