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  • Dewar's Taffy Chews

    Taffy Chews

    Enjoy the best taffy you will ever taste. Try our Peanut Butter filled taffy, the one that started it all back in 1909, or any of our other delicious taffy flavors and see why it has been a favorite of families all over the world for...

    $6.49 - $92.45
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  • Taffy Chews - Sugar Free

    Taffy Chews - Sugar Free

    We offer three great tasting Sugar Free Taffy flavors; Peanut Butter, Caramel and Peppermint. Better than any salt water taffy, Dewar's original taffy chews have been a world wide favorite for over 100 years and our Sugar Free taffy chews are a delicious...

    $7.99 - $112.45
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  • Assorted Chews & Chocolates

    Assorted Chews & Chocolates

    Our wonderful selection of Assorted Chews and Chocolates come with both, light and dark chocolate, as well as a mix of our original taffy flavors Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes PEANUTS/NUTS, MILK PRODUCTS and EGG...

    $23.99 - $95.96
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  • English Toffee

    English Toffee

    Dewar's Engilsh Toffee is dipped in our milk chocolate and then lightly rolled in ground almonds. You and your loved ones will love them! Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that processes PEANUTS/NUTS, MILK PRODUCTS and EGG WHITES

    $12.49 - $99.96
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  • Assorted Chocolates

    Assorted Chocolates

    Dewar's assorted chocolate boxes make the perfect gift and consist of assorted caramels, nougats, nut-filled chocolates, english toffee, roughnecks, toffee mints, creams, turtles, and honeycomb chips. Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that...

    $24.99 - $99.96
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  • Ice Cream Scooper

    Ice Cream Scooper

    A vintage inspired, Dewar's Branded Ice Cream Scooper. This item makes for a great gift idea and just so happens to do an amazing job of cutting into your favorite ice cream for a great big scoop of deliciousness anytime. 6.2.5

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  • Nuts, Caramels & Nougats

    Nuts, Caramels & Nougats

    If you love chewy chocolate covered candy then you will love Dewar's Nut's, Caramels & Nougats. Our Nut's, Caramels and Nougats are an assortment of plain caramels, walnut caramels, almond caramels, pecan nuts, turtles, brazil nuts,...

    $24.99 - $99.96
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  • Dewar's Camping Mugs - Holiday Edition

    Dewar's Camping Mugs - Holiday Edition

    Send these Dewar's Camping Mugs as a gift or to yourself (we won't tell). Just add your favorite beverage and enjoy being the coolest person you know. You can get the mugs by themselves, but you also have the option of filling them with 6oz of Dewar's...

    $14.99 - $16.99
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  • Christmas Ornament - Limited Edition 2021

    Christmas Ornament - Limited Edition 2021

    THIS HOLIDAY SEASON ONLY! We had this LIMITED EDITION Christmas Ornament designed specifically for 2021 This fun and brilliantly designed, multi-dimensional ornament was created in the likeness of our Good, Ol' Fashioned Soda Fountain that you...

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  • Assorted Chocolate Creams

    Assorted Chocolate Creams

    Dewar's chocolate creams come in a variety of mouth watering flavors that consist of vanilla, butter, chocolate, coffee, cherry, maple, mint center fillings as well as rough necks. Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that...

    $24.99 - $99.96
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  • Almond Turtles

    Almond Turtles

    Dewar's Almond Turtles are a perfect combination of chopped almonds drizzled with our finest caramel and topped with Dewar's own milk chocolate. What a wonderful bite size treat! Allergy Information: Manufactured in a facility that...

    $24.99 - $99.96
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  • Official Dewar's Toppings

    Official Dewar's Toppings

    Our toppings are part of what makes Dewar's special, especially our Marshmallow topping! Now you can have Official Dewar's Toppings sent to your door! Use it on Ice Cream or anything else you think might need a little Dewar's love :) We hope you...

    $6.99 - $13.99
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